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Frederick P. Niemann Esq.

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A Message From Founding Members Frederick P. Niemann Esq. and Christopher J. Hanlon, Esq.

Selecting the right lawyer at the right law firm can be tough. You want just the right person, a professional with lots of experience, trusted by his or her clients and well respected in the community. Someone you can confide in and relate to, who makes you feel confident in their presence and in their advice. Relax. You’re at the right place and Hanlon Niemann is the right firm for you. Our seasoned attorneys have decades of legal experience in matters just like yours. We are easy to get to and offer video and telephone conferencing if traveling is difficult.

What sets us apart from most law firms is how we treat you. We truly are one of New Jersey’s most personable and client-friendly firms. It is our mission to treat clients as we would expect to be treated if the roles were reversed. We’ll try hard to give you a positive experience recognizing that most people don’t call for a lawyer when things are good; rather it’s when something important is happening in your life or you feel vulnerable that you make the call. Whatever the reason that brought you to us, we’re glad you’re here. Take your time getting to know us. Read up on our lawyers and professional staff. Study our credentials and legal experience. Watch the many educational videos we have prepared on a multitude of legal issues and topics. Download and print up our free educational materials and don’t forget, when you’re done, please feel free to call or email me personally to schedule a convenient time for us to meet face-to-face. We’ll sit down together, talk it over privately and come up with a game plan. You can reach me toll-free at (855) 376-5291, or by email at fniemann@hnlawfirm.com/. I look forward to meeting with you real soon. Most sincerely, Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq., on behalf of Christopher J. Hanlon, Esq., and all the attorneys and staff at Hanlon Niemann.
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